We provide software to numerous industries

Our FinTech products target a wide range of enterprises and industries. Below, you’ll find a selection of our main user types.


We were featured on CNBC’s Advancements w/Ted Danson

Watch our episode feature where we talked about the aXpire project and the AXPR token

Product suite

We’ve got a suite of live software, already being used by clients. All of our products are constantly improving with new features.

The AXPR token

AXPR was launched in 2017 and is the crux of our growing ecosystem of B2B and B2C platforms and apps, built to service needs in the market for spend, payments and cryptocurrency infrastructure tools.

Supply: 340,427,132

Staking Programs

Stake AXPR through the Uniswap liquidity staking program, or in the general staking pool, and earn APY.

Token Burns

Track the token supply decreasing as the AXPR token is bought back and burnt using 5% of revenues.

AXPR Prime

Hold over 250K AXPR and join the invite-only Telegram group for top holders of the AXPR token.


In-App Benefits

Hold AXPR and get benefits within products such as PayBX, including increased APY, less fees, and more.


Feature Unlocks

Unlock exclusive features and get NFTs and other loyalty benefits from holding AXPR within PayBX.


Record Stamping

Stamp records onto the blockchain from in-app actions within our B2B products using small AXPR burns.

Executive team

Our executive team consists of dedicated people focused on creating excellent Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products.

Advisory board

We’re supported by an expert board of advisors, comprised of individuals from multiple different industries and professions.

Project roadmap

Our 2021 roadmap consists of brand new product releases, a ramping up of marketing and sales, and team expansion.

  1. Q2 2017

    aXpire wins a contract with
    a top 10 AUM hedge fund
    for its SaaS fund software

  2. Q4 2017

    aXpire launches the AXPR
    token through a successful
    token generation event

  3. Q1 2018 - Q4 2020

    - Bilr is developed
    - ExpenseCore is developed
    - The aXpire team expands

  4. Q1 2021

    - Bilr is released
    - ExpenseCore is released
    - Marketing ramps up

  5. Q2 2021

    - Uniswap listing
    - Staking pool launch
    - Token burn restart

  6. Q3 2021

    - PayBX release in Europe
    - Bridge to BSC launch
    - 5 to 10 new team hires

  7. Q4 2021

    - Digital Shares release
    - 2022 roadmap release
    - PancakeSwap listing

We’ve got 17+ years of experience in software

The aXpire team has worked with an array of leading global companies through its sister company, LSG, for over 17 years.